Friday, March 07, 2008

hear hear.

I have learnt that sometimes, your talent of performance has nothing to do with whether you'd be liked or supported by the very same people who have chosen to work with you or hire you in the first place.
Here are some of what you might encounter : Women who'll hate you cuz you are pretty or cuz you have a big personality, or big hair, or cuz you might be younger. Gay men who'll hate you cuz you are a woman. (yes, imagine, this exists too!). Straight men who'll hate you cuz you didn't go to bed with them. Nazzi's who'll hate you cuz you're a jew. And then there will be people who simply will hate you because. Cuz you've got a mole, or freckles or you are simply damn annoying to them.
Live with it and know that it's OK. Keep your friends and family and support circle very closely to you so when you are hated by the *&^$ that rule your career, you can always remember that's all it is.


Blogger giorgia said...

Hey, hey, who's that bothering you? Anybody I can beat up (well, not literally, as I wouldn't harm a mosquito, but I can be hurtingly bitchy if I try... ;))?

12:39 PM  

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