Friday, March 28, 2008

Fortuna (a note from Venice)

There is something I just can't explain about my past few days. It's hard to believe my luck and the way things happened;
After lots of difficult time trying to find proper accommodation, I actually landed on a wonderful little boutique hotel in Paris; welcoming and warm (yet with WiFi!). Once I feel good with my surroundings, it's not very difficult for me to be happy and do a good job singing.
The concert went very well and the dinner afterwards with Maestro and his fascinating friends, was just a great ending to what I can only describe as "La Folle journee". (Flying from New York, being sick, having lots of good friends I wanted and needed to see, go to rehearsal and do the concert. All with no time to breathe).
But what came next was really strange:
I took a taxi to the airport, where I met a very nice Italian gentleman who offered to drive me into the port in Venice where I'd take the boat.
On the boat, I asked the guy who was sitting next to me where I should get off for La Fenice. Turns out, he was going there too; he sings the "officer" in my production! (what are the chances!).
We got off the boat and he kindly helped to wheel my big suitcase directly to La Fenice (I would have NEVER managed to either find the place nor get there by myself, bridges and stairs to cross, with 2 cases and a bag!).
Then a charming restaurant owner asked to help, and pointed out my address; Across from the theater!
Then a lovely guy came downstairs and helped with my suitcases into his apartment (which he agreed to sublet while going away), which could not,( I repeat: could not) be more perfect! We became friends instantly (and strangely enough, a lot of his stuff is EXACTLY what I own on the other side of the clay dishes from Jaffa , little glass lamps, and so!).
After a wonderful dinner (at a restaurant only a local would know to recommend!) ,I had a very good night sleep and as I am writing this, my favorite symbol of Venice; The winged lion, is watching me from right outside the window.


Blogger Stef said...

Hey Rin,
Giorgia's other sister.
Just wondering if you have read The City of Falling Angels by John Berendt, which not only talks about la Fenice before and after the fire, but is also an amazing gallery of the sort of characters you will only find in Venice.
(my family has strong local connections that go way, way back. 1571 if you believe my Dad!)

8:41 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Thanks Stef! (and ciao!!! :) )
thanx for the rec.. will try to find it b4 I come back here next! :) x

1:59 PM  

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