Saturday, March 15, 2008


Am packing again. Some objects, I noticed, have not left my suitcase for the past half a year. like my black high heels; It's one of those things that come handy no matter where you are or which season it might be; There will always be some kind of a fancy dinner or opening night gala or an event where my boots just won't do.
So those few permanent items;I just gave up on taking them out of the bag and putting them back in. They now officially reside in my big 4 wheel Samsonite. (travelers: I can not recommend enough that you go and buy one of these 4 wheelers; Best thing ever for small European sidewalks and crowded airports, as they wheel sideways as well).
At any rate; I still have 3 more days here, and I am already panicking in happiness about the day I leave. As much as I enjoyed Valencia and I could actually be very happy to come back,(some of the things I liked here, are the amazing fresh seafood, the great wine, a few very friendly and nice people around, a fantastic "sea-world" right around the corner, and some cool looking streets in the center), I have to be frank and say that I am SO THROUGH with this whole Spanish "dinner at 10PM" thing (well, our Nozze opened at 8:30PM, mamma mia; This meant that most of OUR dinners started no earlier than ONE THIRTY AY AM!). Hello: I am a freaking MORNING PERSON! I wake up when there are birds out, and sun, also cars trucks and some people on the street. I can't do the usual opera singer "sleep till 1". What a drag.
So all I am saying is: I would be so grateful to be supper-ing at 7 and going to bed at midnight and oh, singing a role where I am treated mostly nicer than a little tiny screw in their 'build it your self ' machine called cast. I think I am over that too. I like to wear skirts on stage and pretend I am an important woman. How wrong's that?


Anonymous muzzy said...

Even Eddie Izzard has switched from skirts (and dresses and pants suits) to blue jeans.


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