Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back quickly

The celebrations of Fallas in Valencia have kept me from sleeping for a while, with large explosions (not a great source of pleasure for anybody raised in the Middle East) and constant fireworks and the entire Spanish population rejoicing at the sound of noise, mainly. (but there were also lovely parades with pretty good bands and wonderfully traditionally dressed people celebrating; Block parties with live music and dancing, and all kinds of happenings 24 hours a day).
Now, back home, a big cold landed on my head and I am snotty and sinussy and miserable, since I only have 3 days until I return to Europe.
I could have stayed there, of course, and save my self the trip and the money and the double jet lag, but hey; Girl gotta get home. Husband, best friends and urgent errands, (like getting a work visa for my next trip and finishing up with tax) are the main 3 reasons. Then there's change of (some) suitcase content, and being in my own bed, in my favorite apartment in my favorite city.
I made sure that my hotel in Paris will have WiFi and so will (cross your fingers for me) the one apartment with Internet connection I finally managed to pin down in Venice.
So more to come from back there.


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