Monday, April 21, 2008

More challenge

While we were rehearsing, close to opening night, my (absolutely fantastic!!!!!) tenor was complaining of a sore throat. Not that we kiss or anything,( but it doesn't matter, we hold hands and fake our kissing throughout the show), in any case I started taking the minimal amount of "Wellness formula", just to be safe. However, it didn't really entirely save me; On the evening before my second show I got a very painful red throat, and throughout the entire night, I was sweating and suffering in bed (and extremely worried). The second show was a matinee. Dear God.. How does one sing Rossini SICK?
well, I did. (never under estimate the will power of a paid-per-show artist... ) Luckily, the soreness hasn't effected the cords, it just was extremely difficult.
They are shooting this into a cinematic broadcast, and onto a DVD, and I am sure my face, in close-up , looked like I was about to be executed at any given moment.
But I managed to sing, and I most certainly didn't forget any of my recit this time around.


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