Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring time

Excuse my silence. I needed it. Needed to recharge and revive and be home again, quietly.
And once I did that, I got a surprise jump in for Suzy Grahm who unfortunately caught a cold, so on a day notice, I travelled to Philly to do my favorite Schumann cycle "Frauenliebe und Leben" with Maestro (and the pianist) Eschenbach the great. What a pleasure it was! Nothing better than a 2 week relaxation and then a tiny little precious moment of musical intimacy, just to remind me that I might actually be well.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Also, you've been described as "radiant", "richly colored" and "emotional and involving".
You go, girl! :)

p.s.: the captcha thingy word below here reads "rufola"... LOL :D

5:14 PM  

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