Thursday, May 29, 2008

Travelers tip (NYC)

Finally, when I am REALLY back home, I slowly get to the errands that were way down the bottom of my list. One of them , was to try and fix my Samsonite suitcase (my fabulous four wheeler I was mentioning before); Somewhere in the world, I lost one of its wheels.
It's not a big deal, but I either had to fix it or trash it. I usually go with the later, since there are NO businesses who agree or know how to fix suitcases. I tried the local shoe-man, I tried some others in airports and train stations; None deal with wheels and zippers. So my average suitcase shopping was a once a year way - annoying event, for suitcases that cost a whole lot and promise you a "life time warranty" (which is bull, because a) where do you send it back when you need to B) they don't cover wheels and zippers. which is what goes wrong).

But ladies and gentlemen who are in New York and are frequent travelers: Let me introduce you to a service I only discovered yesterday and from now on will save me my annual luggage burial agony:
Modern Leather Goods
At 10:35 AM I was there with my dead suitcase. around 10:50 I got out of there with a healthy and happy case, wheeling on all its four. and the whole thing cost 20 bucks and was handled by a really nice guy.

They fix EVERYTHING that has to do with leather/ zippers/ suitcases and luggage/ bags and purses. (and they are right in
" Korea Town" , so try go there at lunch time so you can also have a yummy bi bim bop afterwards!)


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