Thursday, June 12, 2008

Refresh thyself

I kind of volunteered to sprinkle my summer with a few musical occasions for the sake of music making and also for my own sanity (I am really not very good at managing free time), so doing a little concert here and a little concert there was a good solution for my soul.
Usually my main criteria for taking a job would (optimally) be made of these four little gratifications: artistic ,financial, and then prestige, and location, all combined; (so say... a fabulous production led by the best director and conductor in the world, with a fantastic cast, huge budget that pays me more than enough, somewhere in Hawaii, would be my ideal job, you know...), however , I usually have to compromise on one or two things of that list (in opera, unfortunately it would be the artistic part usually, and too often also the money).
My summer concerts most definitely lack the budget, but it's the music and humanity that make up for it.
And places where my talent is being celebrated, not judged, are high on my preference list, especially now, being beat up and slightly negative.
So my first concerts in my "off season" were by invitation of my dear friend the most wonderful pianist Lars Vogt .
We first met at the Berlin phil, doing Les Noces together. After that, we "befriended" each other on MySpace, and kept in further touch via Skype and Facebook (you see? if there IS any reason for these Internet social spaces, this friendship would be exactly it!).
At any rate, I arrived at Heimbach
a bit grumpy, and came out refreshed and fulfilled like I haven't been in a long time.
In Heimbach, I was surrounded by beautiful nature, a group of unbelievably talented musicians, and an audience so loving and enthusiastic, *I* should pay *them* to follow me wherever I go to sing.
Two concerts with Schumann, Ravel, Brahms and *Gershwin, (*in which , by the way, I so "let my hair down", all I remember is doing a little dance on stage (!) while improvising with the multi-talented classical- slash-Jazz (!) pianist Kirill Gerstein ) and I am back to my old positive self again, ready to carry on in this tiring and challenging career.


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