Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I normally don't care for shoes, but...

One really nice thing that happened to me lately: while window shopping in Dresden, I fell in love with a shoe. The Perfect shoe.
Well, it was a pair, and they were exactly what I need on my feet when I sing the Habanera.
Flamenco inspired Satin platform half pumps half booties. They exist in red and in black. If these shoes could chose a name for themselves, it would most definitely be CARMEN Jessica Parker. It's Carmen in Sex and the city, sipping on something sweet sour and cool, looking gorgeous.
At any rate, they went for *HUNDREDS* of Euros. (!!!). That's where I decided that , since the guy at the store said " zey arr mate in za U.S.A", I could probably track them down in New York City. (and at LEAST save the horrifying exchange rate business).

However, it was not such an easy breezy mission. I couldn't find them easily at all; They are made by a private company that only does exclusive design for exclusive people, and my shoe never appeared on any site. None.
To make this boring-to-you story short; I somehow traced an email address, I wrote a beautiful, heartfelt personal letter, where I described the shoes and bagged for their permanent existence in my (especially professional) life, and I learnt that my precious footwear, here, in the States (or , for me? their walking- talking add) goes for...
( :D :D :D)...
... shhhh , it's a secret.
I'll just add, that I ordered 2 pairs. Both the black AND the red!


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Nice to read your blog and read that you have a life other than your professional singing one. Regards from Graeme of Busby, Scotland.

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