Saturday, October 04, 2008

Age of enlightenment

We lost two singer from the original cast. "sick" and "grew out of the role" were the reasons. This to me, usually translate to: (got a much better paying gig ) and ( got oneself into some big old vocal shit), but I also am generous and hope for the better paying gig for the first, and for the illuminated taste in roles for the later.
Now with the replacements, the average age of the cast dropped, and having lunch with the 26 year old tenor, after casually mentioning my husband, I was surprised to hear that he had thought I was way too young for marriage. He gave me twenty something... Lol. Then speaking to the baritone (33), as he was telling me of his career, and experience , he also said that since he was older than me... wait, stop right there... should I correct him?...

Tomorrow is my birthday. I should be flattered to be considered younger than what I really am, (or is it just the normal Italian mansome flattery? let's say *not*, only today...k?) but at the same time, when people give you 28, or 31, you start feeling that *older* is plain antique.
And , being considered young of age , I start wanting to lie about it.
Is this when I begin counting from 30 again?


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