Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hello again

Yea, I've been quiet, quiet and quiet on here. Partly because it's been quiet, and slow, and partly because I bore my self when it's quiet and slow.
Summer at home leads me (very painfully) to do some unusual things such as going kayaking on the Hudson, or buying a Thai cooking book with the far fetched idea of making my own lemon-grassy meals (so far no lemon grass).
Then I was called to do Jury D, (sorry, but I cannot expend on that), and that filled up my entire 2 weeks with extremely fascinating tales of the city, however, I was so engulfed and so exhausted by it all , that my normal life seemed to have paused.
What I really enjoyed lately, was the rediscovery of my favorite part of New York City: Chinatown. (If you read my blog you might remember that I am and always have been hypnotized by anything Asian), and so the abundance of steamed dumplings and fluffy pastries and fresh fish markets and strange fruit I cannot name, and crazy- busy humanoids rushing and buzzing by me, felt like a little theme party thrown especially for me every day I was there.
But this is all over now, and I am off to a most fancy cruise I bartered for my artistic services.

After I manage to pack 20 something fancy outfits into one suitcase, and after I get into my fancy wifi'ed cabin, I will proceed with my mumbling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy your cruise and have big time & success!!

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