Monday, September 15, 2008

rich-poor, hot- cold.

I think that people who have BECOME rich later in life, must have taken quite a while to get used to it. Not only to the money, and the perks, but to what comes along with it; The society, the mannerism; it takes time to feel like you belong there , if you don't come from there.

I am telling you this after having spent eleven days at sea on a floating very- rich- (... and ya betcha: used to it...) people's colony, and having had some most fantastic time, (and being a chameleon- naturale, I can seem to be what is needed of me to be), still, I am feeling exhausted.

On the cruise, where we had our own butler , free any-time room service, unlimited drinks and fancy meals, I was having an "after the premier- party" which lasted the entire 11 days.
We saw some port cities in Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey, and as much as it was interesting to see how the people in that part of the world have been living, I must say that I have GOT TO return to Istanbul , where even to me, your exotic blogger, this WAS exotic.
I thought that being a Middle Eastern, I wasn't going to find it so special, but I was wrong; Everything in Istanbul, from the amazing amazing food to the colorful streets and markets, through the kind and gracious people who live there,(most seem poor but dignified!) to the thousands of stray cats who make a home of their streets (and are being taken care of, and respected by all!)... everything was magic.
...On the cruise, (my secret wish to get a stomach flu came true, so I didn't gain any of the weight I was so afraid of, however) I was as sick as a dog , and on the top of it I got some sinus infection ( and by the way neither illnesses was too much fun)... at the end I gave in and got some $5 antibiotics in Turkey, where even with the flu and all, I was still able to enjoy the warm and breezy weather and all my senses were awoken.

I arrived in Lucerne for a concert, only to discover that in my suitcase are: summer silk dresses, shorts, sleeveless shirts and some performance gowns... At the moment in Switzarland, you can SEE YOUR BREATH, it is that cold!

Tomorrow I am singing what is for me a debut: "El Amor Brujo" by Manuel da Falla. Gypsy folk songs I am now feeling inspired to sing, dying of cold, with a dying cold, but still glowing of color and scent, and spice.


Blogger maliarda said...

In bocca al lupo, m*rde à la puissance treize and all the rest!



12:35 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Hey , thanx! went well (well, I did what I wanted to do with the piece) :) smooch back X

2:59 AM  

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