Wednesday, February 18, 2009

after and right before

Where can I start? I've been so busy since I got back , that I really didn't have a second for anything. A long time ago, I committed my self to a set of concerts , recital- style with the lovely New York festival of Song (one of the only organizations here left devoted to the art of song). I knew that I was going to be up to my head with Carmen, with not enough quality leisure work time for the recitals, but I agreed anyway (for some hard condense work) because I have the utmost appreciation for the pianists who lead (and play on) the series, and for what they stand for.
At any rate, that's what was going on right from the very next day after my last Carmen show; Rehearsing and performing!
I actually like it because I never got a chance to sink into the normal dip of light depression after a big opera job is done.
Being exhausted and still running, is the best way to forget about how amazing was my previous experience and how usual life can seem without it.
I also had to do a surprise special audition which went as surprisingly well...
I am now getting ready to fly to Belgrade for a concert, short of a week, (singing Ravel), and then directly back into a Carmen production, this time in New Orleans! Back to packing.


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