Saturday, December 06, 2008


Not too long ago, I participated in some kind of a special "meditation", you can call it, visualization of a sort, maybe a prayer.
Perhaps it did work, because very shortly afterwards, things started to move in my universe. It was like some ghost came in and started to rearrange the furniture of my life.
But like most things in life- not much comes so easy. Now I was starting to face major decisions I had to make.
I was offered different things that would make or break, but not SO simple; They would make *IF*, or break *UNLESS*.
Nothing perfect.
A dream theater would offer me a role too low. A stellar conductor would condition our work together with a role too small.
It's like I was handed a big bucket of puzzle pieces, but none just fell into place by itself.
I might have forgotten to be specific enough in what I asked, but now I am busy trying to find where the heck did my sofa go.


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