Sunday, October 12, 2008

So this is...

... how things should be in life: I am happy.
the world is crumbling but I personally am triumphing a grin on my face. It's that I get this prospect of hope, and future, and all of a sudden nothing is so doomed any more.
Ladies and gents, I am being appreciated. That's all. And just by that, I get the feeling that I CAN be what I dreamed, and that I CAN have what I wanted.
I keep thinking: "Maybe *this* will open that big iron door I've been trying to push open for 16 years?", but then again, why think about doors and iron and pushing, when it is the MOMENT that exist, and at this moment, this door *IS* open, and as I am stepping out I can sense for a moment, this moment , how wonderful life can be.
I was just recently discussing with a friend how much we detest aspartame- sweet blogs (or people) that hide any fear, sorrow, doubt.
But I am allowing myself to have this rare entry today; (I can taste it: nah, not a sweetner; must be pure sugar, this one). ;)


Anonymous Gert said...

My problem with aspartame is not the sweetness but the aftertaste, a bit like soil, that it leaves.

I agree with you about blogs that are really upbeat and positive all the time, but I don't think yours is that :-)

Yeah, there's something rather delightful about eating a sugar lump just after dinner. I don't think I could eat the wholebowl

6:52 PM  
Blogger Good Chi said...

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10:40 PM  
Blogger Good Chi said...

"Free at last! Free at last!"

10:58 AM  

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