Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yup, this happens.

What is it with Cosi that makes it a high drama gig , almost every time ?
Here is the latest news: the orchestra that played with us in Paris somehow managed to seduce us (no, it wasn't the money) to agree to an extra show, on the day after our last Paris Cosi. In Munich.
We would fly early morning, arrive there, put our stuff in the hotel, rehearse, and perform the entire opera in a concert version. This is *the day after a late Cosi show*. (go to bed at 2 AM, wake up at 7, airport, flight, rehearsal and show! ).
For me it would be hard, but not as impossible as it might be for a Fiordeligi or a Frerrando, a grand vocal task on tired cords.

But what happened on top of it was, that most of the cast got sick, and our Fiordeligi actually decided she wasn't going to make it, and canceled. (7 hours before).

So on the day of the Munich show, right before our rehearsal, (which we would normally use to semi-stage ourselves), we were introduced to our replacement Fiordeligi. She knew Cosi, but only a largely CUT version of it. (while were were doing no cuts!). At that point, we were already dead tired and stressed as hell. Learning that we now have to also worry about a newby and changes, and cuts, we almost collapsed.

But at the end, we did what we did; we just didn't sing the recits she couldn't do, and some soprano lines in the finales were left out, sung as a trio as opposed to a quartet. Yikes.
I really don't think anybody else but us knew the difference... The audience loved it... but I think it cost some of us extra grey hairs/ insomnia or acid reflux attacks... I think they should build a special "recovery- spa" for brave opera singers.


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