Sunday, October 19, 2008

Puppies and babies

An old girlfriend (schoolmate) of mine arrived for a quick weekend in Paris, away from her very own kindergarten in London, where she is the busy mother of three (!) young children. We met with another old dear GF who lives in Paris, for a leisurely dinner at my breathy apartment , over some wine, salad, cheese and good old memories . It's funny to meet up people you know from your old Israeli (not so classy) past, just off the Champs Elysees, you know what I mean? Life is just surreal sometimes.
At any rate, being the age we are, it's only natural that we catch up on the eternal issue of babies, family and all that.
Only in the past year, my ex-boyfriend had a baby. My girl friend had a baby. My best friend had a baby. All my old schoolmate from Israel are on their second or third child. So it's only natural that everybody's eyes are turned to me, with an (irritating) question mark. ("SO.. WHERE IS YOURS?").
I on the other hand, find it pretty amusing that, at the same hysterical rate my women friends are eying every baby and toddler on the Metro and on the street, I am taking in all the doggies and puppies walking around in this town.
In New York, I usually stop and touch, (and never can leave), but in Paris, (*like their owners*), all dogs are well groomed, well behaved and looking like a million dollars, but they also have this air about them: they look like they don't LIKE being touched, (or fed, or anything really), (unless it's secretly). And their Très Chic people always look like they are in the middle of *their* turn on the cat-walk, (the dog is a valuable accessory) so really: bug off!.... ("I got my poodle at ze Chanel spring collection. Mais oui").


Anonymous giorgia said...

Same applies here, Rini (also because one of the friends you're talking about is a friend of mine, too :P), apparently everybody's having babies left right and centre, everybody BUT me. Heh.
As for the doggies, I'm waiting to move into a bigger place complete with a garden to get one, as I know a puppy would suffer living in a (small) flat. :)

1:43 PM  

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