Saturday, November 15, 2008

Premiere, etc.

(Above: Suffering in bed...)
It seems like it's been a long time since my Cosi opening here in Paris, but it was actually only 3 days ago.
The day before, I did everything I normally do to prepare for a show: slightly warm up, rest rest rest, hydrate, eat well, and be in bed by 11 PM.
But, also normal, was the fact I could not possibly fall asleep by any means. I started with 4 drops of Bach flowers "rescue remedy" (it's homeopathic and natural). Much later, after tossing and turning, and turning and tossing, I looked at my cell phone's clock, and it was 3. Then I took half an Ambien. This usually knocks me out. But at 4 or so, or maybe it was 5, with no sleep yet, I took the other half. And woke up at 8!
This is bad news, when I have an entire 4 hour *Mozart* opera to sing that same day. (I say *Mozart* because there especially, one is extremely exposed, like a pearl. The voice simply has to be in top shape, the entire time).
So the rest of the day was spent in bed, trying to make up some sleeping hours. At the end I managed to do a couple more and wake up at 3 PM, and go to the theater shortly after.
This, to begin with, is not a great start; My head was exploding, my back was twisted, and I had puffy eyes that hurt so badly when my make up lady tapped some concealer on my dark bags.... and the voice? sleepy and a bit hoarse. Oy.
... But sometimes, you have to deal with what you have.
So, I struggled on stage, trying to apply every little ounce of ability, technique, tricks, magic, charm, wherever I could.
At the end, I think I managed to have a really good prima.
For the second show, I had 9 hours of straight sleep, fresh voice, and a fabulous mood, but it was just a shitty eve for me.


Blogger pazzobianco said...

girl..... take the whole damn pill @ 11PM like your supposed to! I'll give you oy!

7:50 PM  
Blogger Good Chi said...

I heard it was a Vistory.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous AlikGhibek said...

I cannot express anything but a deep respect for your professionalism)))

11:47 AM  

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