Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belgrade dragon tale

So, I am here, in the home town of the infamous Dragana Jugovic, who is best known for her Youtube video "Drunk Carmen" .

If you haven't watched it yet, well... you might get a shock. But anybody that *I* know, have seen this, the link has been passed around cyber world like a giant joint everybody wants a little drag of... It's a party piece for every cast (*especially* after a few drinks!) and people have been simply amazed.

Well, I am here and I decided I have to get down to the bottom of this pathetic, awesome, funny and heart breaking accident.

My very good Serb- singer friend, knows.
So listen up: She had a fight with her husband (well currently Ex) right before the concert.
She had a drinkypoo or two. She claims that something was slipped into it. Certainly, there WAS a pill (or a few) involved, Knowingly or not. She went on. She sang an entire aria (Dalila?) which went alright. For the Carmen duet however, the drugs kicked in. The artistic director got fired.
It's simply beautiful.
Dragana is doing well. thank you for asking.


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