Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I kinda slowed down writing on this Blog, I guess because being on Facebook, I like to update my "status" quite often, ("Rinat is.. insert here useless mood/ action/ thought summarized in short sentences ), so by publishing these "status" changes, I feel emotionally and artistically fulfilled enough, LOL, that rewriting exactly that , but longer, as an entire entry on the Blog, is not at all necessary for me. (or for the one person who reads my blog but is not my friend on Facebook).
At the same time, (and while doing it!), I am utterly disgusted by this whole Facebook status, Blogs, and even more so with this thing called "Twitter", which is the worst: basically a combination of both Facebook status AND a Blog. It's just an on-going self-obsessed chatter of one's "status", published as a blog!
Perfect for important people with important bowel movements which should make the news, I guess.
Mine was pretty solid this morning.


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