Monday, March 23, 2009


After Belgrade, I came back home for one day, replaced winter sweaters and scarves with short sleeves and summer dresses, threw in my corsets, hair extensions and evening dress, and flew to New Orleans. Here I was rehearsing for Carmen.
Since it was a "traditional" production more than let's say such as the one I did in Germany , it seemed to me like I was just there; The quintet around the table, the Habanera teasing the chorus guys, the bitter end being knifed by a dirty, mad- looking Jose.
People ask me if it ever gets old to do Carmen again and again, and I keep saying no, because it really doesn't and I really love this opera with all my heart , but what surely does happen is , that one end of production stats to become the beginning of another, and sometimes it's hard to tell it's a different run anymore... I keep needing to remind myself that HERE, I walk from the table to the RIGHT, and not to the left as I did the entire past 2 months right before this...
And rehearsing six hours a day every day for 2 or 3 weeks, for a show that your brain is pretty sure you just rehearsed and performed for the past how many months.. well... it can have its frustrating moments.
But what is always so wonderful to me, is getting to know amazing people around, bonding with this or that person from the cast, exploring the specialties of the place, getting to know the locals, and often learning something new.
I am now back home, finally, for an entire month, before my next 6 hour rehearsals of quintets and habaneras... I might look at some other roles just to live a little plain month without all this routine sexiness. :)


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