Friday, April 17, 2009

One moment please

Just when I thought I couldn't be more occupied, (I am preparing for a recital), I got a call to jump in for a Carmen in concert, in Munich, fly the following day after my said recital, rehearse, perform, come back, pack again, and fly to Israel (Carmen).
I was going back and forth between Philadelphia and New york, in order to rehearse for this Alumni recital, an old promise I made to my wonderful old school, as a humble "Thank you" (and a kept promise it was, when I had to decline not one but two different jobs that appeared for that same time. What can you do, ye faithful).
But Curtis has been probably the one single entity in my life that actually put me in the place which made me a professional singer, and the one of the main corner stones in my life, to which I owe so much and more.

A recital was just the thing, and for that I have been planning and rehearsing lately, as much as I can (all crammed into a week and a half... as you can see, until then I was away and filled with Carmencita adventures).

This Sunday I will rejoin my special, old tutor and mentor, and one of my best friends- Mikael Eliasen, to present a melange of songs and arias that were all part of my years at Curtis. We will start with the three pieces I sang for my audition (Voi che Sapete, Schumann's Widmung, and a Sacha Argov song in Hebrew).
We will present some of the first arias I learned and performed there (like Dido's lament) and which I sang professionally
(while still a student) with the Opera Company of Philadelphia (Zerlina was the first, one of many roles I would end up singing there).
The recital will include some of my favorite songs ( Like Poulenc's Hotel, or Ravel's vocalize) , some Rorem (a Curtis alum himself), a couple fantastic chamber pieces (Ravel's Chansons mad├ęcasses and Brahms Viola songs), and plenty more.

So between x-xrossing Manhattan looking for a gown (I finally found the one and only!), polishing up my technique (lessons and coachings), fixing my aching back ( snap-crick-crack ), working out, filing tax, memorizing stuff, buying flights...
... I feel alive!....


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