Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The business of underestimating

Sometimes it's easy to underestimate the effort needed to accomplish your mission successfully.
"Oh, I can do that!" you think to yourself, basing your assumption on past events that might be similar, in your mind, to what is coming up. And then, alas, you realize that somewhere you were just so wrong.

Doing a song recital on a Sunday and singing Carmen in concert the following Sunday,even if on a different continent, seems a fairly easy task to accomplish.
But I haven't taken into consideration that the recital would be so extensive, emotionally and physically exhausting, and would demand a tight and pretty consuming rehearsal schedule. Looking for the right things to wear is another mission one often tends to forget as the much painful and tiring thing that it truly is. (Walking for 2 days around town, hysterically trying to find gowns. Yikes)
I also didn't consider the long flight to Europe a day after, the stomach virus I caught that day, which lasted all through the week and into the big concert,(so, working with hardly any food in the system), the busy rehearsal schedule once arrived in Munich , the constant singing (even if marking, still , using the voice and the energy), the jet lag, the nerves, and of course, the fact that this concert was a stand-up version ,(no sitting really, yup, on high heels. 3 hours...) as it was recorded for the radio live, so no moving, with only 20 minutes of one intermission.

I am now in the Munich airport, about to faint of exhaustion, waiting for my Lufthansa flight to board.
I think I managed pretty well with both my events, as well as I could, under all these circumstances , but next time I would know better how to mentally prepare for it a bit better, if I have to agree to it at all.


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